Brendan McCaskey: Caramelpalooza Candymakers

​Today's caramel-maker is Brendan McCaskey

As he puts it, Brendan is an avid downtowner, candy fanatic, and part-time Smeeks employee whose style is a little Ina Garten, a lot Amy Atlas. He's conquered the traditional cupcake and an occasional tart, and says he's been scoping out the local caramel competition when he's not at his full-time gig at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort.

I ended up in the kitchen because I love food and I love to entertain! 

My favorite meal to make is baked mac & cheese, roasted beet salad, and cupcakes. 

One dish I'm afraid to make is a souffle. I have major anxiety that as soon as I pull it out of the oven it will deflate like a balloon.

My favorite kind of candy is red kookaburra licorice, salt water taffy, and chocolate caramels.

Caramel should be rich and creamy; eaten slowly and savored till the last bite!

I always brush my teeth after I shower in the morning...and after I've eaten something that gives me gnarly breath.

Find Brendan and 11 other chefs at Caramelpalooza, Friday, March 11, from 7 til the caramel runs out,  Smeeks candy store, northwest corner of Central and Camelback. 

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