Paul Schwennesen's Perfect Food Day

​Paul Schwennesen
Paul Schwennesen from Double Check Ranch raises grassfed beef in the San Pedro Valley east of Phoenix. He has a master's degree in government from Harvard and we wonder if he raises smart cows, too.

We asked Paul to describe his perfect food day.

Breakfast: Slow braised chuck roast (grassfed of course), pastured eggs, hot black coffee

Lunch: Local tortilla burrito wrapped around Hanger steak & mayonnaise, water.

Dinner: Grassfed rib eye, salad from the garden, glass of Dos Cabezas' "Toscano"

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If his steaks taste as good as he looks......


i bought 2 of his steaks at the farmers market, 2 Ribeyes, they were SOOOO good. perfect marbling, i was afraid since they were frozen that it wouldnt be a good, i was wrong. Salt fresh ground pepper, and a Flaming hot Cast Iron pan = 2 of the best steaks i have ever had !!! buy from him and eat well !

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