Taco Bell's New Quad Steak Burrito & Quesadilla: It's Lawsuit Damage Control Times Four!

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Taco Bell: Hey, remember that lawsuit filed against us a few weeks ago saying that we use a "meat mixture" containing less than 35 percent meat?

Fast Food Nation: Um, sort of.

Taco Bell: Well, check this out, it's our new Quad Steak Burrito and Quesadilla, made with real USDA Select beef! Real-friggin'-beef!

Fast Food Nation: That's nice. Hey, aren't these beef-loaded items less a new concept and more a sad attempt at lawsuit damage control? I mean, essentially, the Quad Burrito is the Steak Burrito Supreme times four, right?

Taco Bell: Release the meat-mixture hounds.

Here's the 4-1-1, quad-curious TB fans: Taco Bell's Quad Steak Burrito is packed with steak pieces, seasoned rice, fire-roasted salsa, reduced-fat sour cream (hahahahaha! . . . sorry, that gets me every time), and cheddar cheese, all wrapped up in a flour tortilla. The quesadilla has the same ingredients and (surprise!) four times the amount of beef than TB's Steak Quesadilla.

Lawsuit or no lawsuit, Fry Girl wants to know does four times the beef mean a better burrito? Quesadilla? Let's find out.

Taco Bell's Quad Steak Quesadilla
The Pros:
Both the Quad Steak Burrito and Quesadilla pack beef in every bite versus a lot of rice which, let's be honest, is usually the case with a lot of Taco Bell items. And if a swollen stomach is the end goal of your Taco Bell experience, mission quad-accomplished.

The Cons:
Even if it is a thinly veiled attempt at lawsuit damage control (and it is), shame on Taco Bell for not creating a real beef treat that even hints at being interesting. Essentially, these items are just meat-bloated blahs sporting over 600 calories each (the burrito is 690 calories) and costing about five bucks. Message to Taco Bell: Stop thinking about the lawsuit and try thinking outside the bun, something you keep telling us to do.

Would Fry Girl Order One Again:
No way. If I want a $5, decent-tasting beef burrito that doesn't reek of lawsuit, I'll take my chances at Chipotle.

What say you, quad-eaters? Have you had Taco Bell's Quad Steak Burrito or Quesadilla? What did you think?

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just ate two...octa-steak baby...damn near 100g protein cheater meal...tastes good and i have a vaste palette but then again i couldnt care less about real 'fine cuisine"...funny how they try to mask the meat product suit but then again what moron thought beef paste was 100% beef in the first place?


I love how everyone always tries to blast fast food by throwing the calorie number out there without really thinking about how big that number is. 690 calories, eh? It's obviously a meal in itself. Man, if you ate things with a massive amount like 690 calories for all 3 meals you'd be eating a grand total of...... 2070 calories a day. Right around the amount for your average American to maintain their weight with minimal to no exercise. How awful.

By the way, that Chipotle burrito you'd be getting on the other hand could be in excess of 1,000 calories depending on what you get on it.

KB Home Sucks
KB Home Sucks

Melissa Lora does not have a biography on TACO BELL's Official Website? No one in management at TACO BELL has a bio on their website. Are they hiding? Another reputation issue since the food poisoning outbreak TACO BELL’s E. coli bacteria was famous for? In March 2005, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) won a landmark victory in its national boycott of Taco Bell for human rights. KB Home uses undocumented workers to build its homes? Taco Bell? A lawsuit filed in 2011 alleges that Taco Bell beef is comprised of less than 35% beef. We’ve seen the goop, it pours out of a bag like dried brown flour that coagulates into something that looks like ground beef when water is added.

Currently, Ms. Lora serves on the following boards:

* KB Home * Taco Bell, YUM Brands * Discovery Science Center

Other distinguished KB Home Board members include Melissa Lora's buddy Bruce Karatz who was just convicted as a felon and is currently under house arrest in his 24 room Bel-Air Mansion (not built by KB Home) serving out his 8 months home confinement for swindling 11 Million Dollars. Martha Stewart is a spokesperson for KB Home also served time for her former stock swindle; Martha was not offered a spokesperson job for the BET Black Entertainment Television. Gary A. Ray head of KB Home human resources is a convicted felon in this current stock swindle.


What's your beef Frygirl? TB was irresponsibly blasted by false accusations of one idiot looking to make their own buck, which in the end will cost them millions to combat. They are the victim here.

As far as introducing a new product with more meat... what's wrong with that?!Two thumbs up for Taco Bell; 2 thumbs down for Frygirl.


Singer: From the look of Mike's faceThat little chick sized steakAin't what he thought it would be

But Mike, if you want moreGet a steak times four

Yes, 4 times the steak4 times the thickcountryjuicymarinatedsucculent steak!

We all say "Wow!"That's like a whole hunk of cow

Singer: What is it Mike?

Mike: Quad Steak!

Singer: 4 times the steak!

All: 4 times the steak! (times forever)


This blog is going downhill fast. You guys talk about fast food a lot. I'd rather read nothing if there is no interesting news.

Laura Hahnefeld
Laura Hahnefeld

Hey jb,You might want to re-read the post. My beef...er...meat filler...whatever...is that this new item is pure Taco Bell lawsuit damage control with zero imagination and taste.

Also, the "idiot" (class-action lawsuit) is not asking for any money from Taco Bell.

Stay fried and fabulous!

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