Taco Bell Giving Away 10 Million Free Tacos Via Facebook: Yippee, Lawsuits Are Fun!

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Taco Bell: Hey, you. Wanna free taco? We're giving away 10 million of them on Facebook.

Fast Food Nation: Hey, thanks. Wait a minute, this wouldn't have to do with that lawsuit claiming your "meat filling" only contains 36 percent beef, would it? Weren't your snarky newspaper ads enough to change our minds?

Taco Bell: Just roll with it, dammit. Our PR department says it's gold.

It's true. In the spirit of legal damage control generosity, Taco Bell has announced it's giving away 10 million free tacos to people who "like" it on Facebook.

"Throughout the beef class-action lawsuit, the response and enthusiasm from our Facebook community has been overwhelmingly positive," says Greg Creed, chief executive officer of Taco Bell. "We found it only fitting to reward these 5.4 million fans and a friend with a free taco. It's our way of saying thanks for their loyalty and support."

Sure, whatever. Blah, blah, (Dong!) blah. Just give us the free taco already.

Wanna skip the uncomfortable and possible relationship-changing "like me" Facebook facade? Fry Girl tells you how to get right to the meat-filler of the free taco deal after the jump.

If you're not ready to like them on Facebook, just go here and print out the coupon.

While Taco Bell's 10 million taco giveaway might not change people's minds about the meatiness of their beef, it will get them lots of attention and most likely some additional scratch for those pesky legal fees.

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Not A Faux lover
Not A Faux lover

thanks fry girl. The trend of restaurants using facebook is ticking a lot of customers off. I value my internet security far too much to fart around with twitty facehoo's. Hence, if the business is concerned about their customers internet security at all they would keep away from social theft networks that have a new way to track/leak/open source information. Social networks are for real society dropouts, too stupid to survive in the flesh and blood world, but super social butterflies in the faux-electron world.

Sailor John
Sailor John

Dude, it's just a good way to keep in touch with family and friends when you can't live near them. Chill out, psycho.

Laura Hahnefeld
Laura Hahnefeld

Glad I could be of service -- thanks for the thanks!

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