Roosevelt Tavern: Happy Hour Report Card

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The Roosevelt Tavern

The Spot : The Roosevelt Tavern, 816 N Third St. Phoenix, 602-254-2561.

The Hours: 5 to 7 pm, M-F. All night, Sundays 

The Details: During happy hour, The Roosevelt offers one beer selection for $3, a select white wine for $5, a red wine for $6, and one snack for $4. When they say snack they mean it, on the day we went, it was a small grilled mortadella and cheese sandwich, a la carte. 

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The Interior: Located in a renovated historic home, each room has sparse seating, and was much too dark.

Happy Hour Snack: Grilled Sandwich a la carte.

While this may look minimalist and eclectic, it is actually uncomfortable and difficult to be there with a group of four or more.

The Cost: Because the happy hour deals are sparse, you can get the beer of the day and the snack of the day for $8, but you will probably still be hungry and thirsty. 

The Conclusion: The food, despite the limited choices, tastes good, but there is no liquor here, and as far as happy hour deals go, it is not a bargain. The Snack Special du jour ($4) was a grilled mortadella and cheese sandwich served with one pickled pepper. No fries or chips accompanied this sandwich. The beer du jour ($4) was a canned microbrew IPA that none of our group particularly liked. Due to the lack of Happy Hour options, we ordered from the regular menu. This may be the point of offering happy hour here, to entice folks to order the more expensive fare, perhaps a little bait and switch? We went for the Pretzel ($4) which did taste good, and the "Ham and Eggs" ($6) which consisted of two slices of deli ham and three deviled egg halves. If you are looking for a soda, there are three bottled choices for $2.5. Regularly price beer ranges from PBR ($3) to fancier microbrews ($4-11). While we appreciate creativity, this happy hour is more like a cryptic poem, hard to understand. 

Overall Grade: C

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Back in the day this place could not be beat. Now it has the same illness that Portland's does, it's just coasting.

Also, what the hell happened to the friendly servers there? They used to be friendly and smile, and now they are like crypt keepers! One woman looks like she is in pain, kind of an extra from Adams Family.

Ale Smith
Ale Smith

How does this review end in a C grade? Seems more like a D or F. That place is SO overrated. Uncomfortable & overpriced for sure, and their staff has serious attitude issues. As far as joints that sell good beer go, I'll take TMI or even Carly's any day.

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