What Food Fixes Do Readers Want for Phoenix?

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​Last week I ranted that Phoenix needs everything from a Farrell's to bad Chinese food to a grilled cheese shop to some truly original ideas.

Some of you were peeved, as expected. But more often, readers got in the spirit and offered their own suggestions -- from low brow to high. Mostly love. I love it. This list is for you, readers. I hope we're able to report back soon that some of your greasy wishes came true.
1. White Castle. 
You really want White Castle.

2. Poutine on a Stick 

Really. Or out of the back of a truck.

Find out what that means after the jump.

"I know Tuck Shop did it/does it (though perhaps not by name) and a few other high end restaurants like to claim they offer some variation of it, but a food cart selling poutine would absolutely clean up in this town," one reader drooled.

"Poutine on a stick would take the Valley by storm, because then you could eat it while driving," another chimed in.

citrus fix.jpg

3. Graham's Fruit Stand

Oh, I agree. Phoenix is thirsty for a date shake. And nostalgic for our long-gone little orange shack on Camelback Road. 

4. Skyline Chili 

This is an Ohio favorite, with more than one transplant whining -- I mean pining -- for it. 

5. Grandy's

Soul food for the masses. Apparently there was once one in Tucson, but no more. 

6. Grey Dog  
One reader wrote: "Okay, I woke up cranky yesterday thinking, Where the hell is Grey Dog in Arizona??? In New York it's the best, non-nonsense organic baked goods, replete with no sugar and packed with yummy stuff, killer coffee, big breakfasts, and hot NYU students! I want a big fat organic no-sugar muffin with fruit falling out of it, served to me by a creative writing major with elvis costello eyeglasses and an impish grin! NOW! In ARIZONA!"

See you there, wordy reader.

Beard Papa

7. Cream Puffs

I had never heard of Beard Papa, which one reader pronounces "the best cream puffs in the world," but hey, there's room for that in Phoenix. Bring it on.  

8. Pinkberry

I couldn't agree more.

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Grey Dog coffee!?! Fuck that shit - I lived above the place on Carmine Street for three years in the 90s -saw the whole evolution of it from an ok coffee shop to the ridiculous fetish that the poster pines for, all the while dodging Monica Lewinsky as she went in and out of the place multiple times every morning during the height of her 'career'. I moved back home to Arizona to get away from that crap...

Dominic Armato
Dominic Armato


Apparently the reason we have so many gaping holes in good ethnic cuisine is because we just don't care about it.

Joel LaTondress
Joel LaTondress

Phoenix is thirsty for a date shake? Has no one been to Sphinx Date Ranch or Zinburger?


With all of the great Mexican food here it is amazing that there are no breakfast tacos. Someone needs to start serving these.

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