Got a Favorite Burger? Add Its Meaty Ass to BurgerMap!

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No beatin' around the burger bush here, BurgerMap claims to be exactly what the slogan says it is: The World's Best Burgers. On a map.

But wait, not yet. BurgerMap can't do it alone. The map's success depends on people's patty input, and lots of it. According to the website, when enough folks post enough burger joints, no one will ever be more than 10 minutes away from one of the best burgers they've ever had, ever again. Oooh! Double-meat rainbows with cheese!

Find out how to submit your favorite burger joint after the jump.

The Valley's already got some goodies up, including Joe's Farm Grill, Delux, and Fry Girl favorite, The Chuckbox. If your favorite burger joint isn't on the map yet, get its meaty ass on it pronto by submitting a report, but make sure to follow the ground rules. (Sorry, Five Guys and In-N-Out.)

Could this food map thing be a trend? Are PizzaMap, HotdogMap, and BurritoMap a line of code or two away from launching? Don't say you weren't warned.

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