Finger Lickin' Sneak Peek at Big Earl's BBQ

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Pulled Pork Platter.jpg
Erica O'Neil
The Pulled Pork Platter with two types of ribs, pulled pork, mac n' cheese, and tater salad. A feast fit for the most ambitious carnivores out there.
Front Porch Drink.jpg
Erica O'Neil
The Front Porch: Gin, elderflower liqueur, and grapefruit juice.
Last week we brought you a sneak peek at the new eats on the menu at Big Earl's BBQ, Old Town Scottsdale's newest joint for ribs and 'que. 

Meat explosion! Ribs, pulled pork, brisket, hot links, they've got enough on the menu to satisfy all your carnivorous instincts. Plus enough deep fried, down home country fare to comfort you at first bite. Fried pickles, catfish po'boys, and enough offal to keep one of our bloggers very, very happy. (Sweetbreads and pig's feet and bone marrow, oh my!) 

You can even wrap up the dinner with a frozen, chocolate-dipped "treat"-- The Johnson. Dirty frozen bananasicles! Perfect for the Scottsdale scene. 

Last night, Big Earl's opened its doors to friends and family for a preview of the good old-fashioned fare that Chef James Porter of Petite Maison is bringing to the Valley. With Desert Smoke BBQ on board as well, this weekend's opening day will probably be pretty packed. Check out all the good eats February 5th.

Sneak a peek at all the meaty eats after the jump! 
Sausage balls.jpg
Erica O'Neil
The perfect way to start your BBQ feast? Why with more meat of course! The sausage balls with ground mustard.
Brisket Hot Link Platter.jpg
Erica O'Neil
The brisket platter: four pork ribs, a lean hot link, and a couple strips of beef brisket. Collard greens and fried okra on the side. Don't forget to smother it in BBQ sauce!
Macaroni and Cheese BBQ.jpg
Erica O'Neil
Rich and creamy, smooth and dreamy. The mac 'n' cheese and potato salad, up close and personal.
Banana Pudding Pecan Pie.jpg
Erica O'Neil
We didn't get to try the infamous Johnson on the menu, but we did get to sample the fresh banana pudding, pecan pie, and a brownie a la mode. Our best bet? The pecan pie. Hands down. It makes grannies everywhere smile with pride.

BBQ Gift Shop.jpg
Erica O'Neil
If you were left licking your fingers, don't forget to purchase a smoky bottle of BBQ sauce on your way out the door!

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A martini glass has no place in a BBQ joint. I fully expect this place to be just as disappointing as every other BBQ place in the Valley.

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