Bomberos Cafe & Wine Bar May Close, Republic Reports

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Oh no. Sunnyslope can't take a blow like this.

And neither can we. You'll have have to excuse now -- we need a drink. Better get one at Bomberos while you still can.

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Sunnyslope will never be the same without them. They deserve to get a big break.


"This is a unique location and we anticipate there will be another new restaurant in the near future," Vaz said. "We know Bomberos will be successful in their future location."

Given this attitude, is this landlord really so naive to think that the Bomberos Faithful won't boycott any new place? And are there really that many restauranteers out there who are so desperate for a space that they'd want to deal with such a landlord?

Sad for the Bomberos owners & patrons, & very foolish on the part of the landlord.

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