Arrowheart, What Are You Eating?

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Sara Robinson

Find out more about country/pop band Arrowheart here.

Sara Robinson

What'd you eat for dinner last night? I had a 6-inch turkey sub from Subway, Sara-style!

Favorite food: During the week, I eat healthy, but on weekends I eat my favorite food, which is the breadsticks from Olive Garden and Orange Chicken from Panda Express.

Least favorite food: Anything that swam in the ocean.

Favorite dessert: Cookie and ice cream dish from Oregano's.

Favorite local restaurant and meal to order there: There's a local pizza shop in the neighborhood I grew up at called Pullano's, and they have the best wings ever!

Favorite drink: Rock Star Energy Drink.

Favorite thing to cook at home: I'm super-bomb at making cereal! Best in town.

Favorite memory involving food: There was this old ice cream shop my parents used to take me when I was a little kid. I used to do cartwheels in the grass and get ice cream.

Recipe or food tip to share: I'm big into fitness, so I eat as healthy as I can throughout the week, but it's important for you to cheat a little on the weekends so that you don't overindulge. My food tips would be when you're out, look for the healthiest options and portion sizes.

Alexis Driscoll

Alexis Driscoll

What did you eat for dinner last night? Last night, I ate pizza and pizza knots for dinner.

Favorite food: I love food so much. This is a very tricky question, but I would have to go with macaroni and cheese.

Least favorite food: Salmon.

Favorite dessert: Cheesecake.

Favorite local restaurant and food there: Well, besides my grandma's kitchen, I would have to say RA Sushi--California rolls, edamame, shrimp tempura.

Favorite drink:
MooLatte from Dairy Queen.

Favorite thing to cook at home: Macaroni and cheese.

Favorite memory involving food: My parents use to call me "Starvin' Marvin"--I would shake because I wanted to eat food so badly. I loved baby can food, and I did until about middle school, but now I'm no longer shaking for it--I finally grew out of that stage!

Recipe or food tip to share: My food tip would have to be eat, eat, eat as much as you want--don't just order a salad, that's so boring 

Ashley Watson

Ashley Watson

What'd you eat for dinner last night? Last night I had a bacon and egg bowl. Breakfast for dinner is always a wonderful thing!

Favorite food: My favorite food would have to be alfredo angel hair pasta with grilled chicken.

Least favorite food: My least favorite food would have to be soup.

Favorite dessert: Cheesecake all the way!

Favorite local restaurant and meal to order there: My favorite local restaurant is Old Spaghetti Factory, and I love ordering the Mizithra Cheese Spaghetti. It's to-die-for!

Favorite drink: Dutch Bros. Red Bull Iced Infusion.

Favorite thing to cook at home: Mac n' cheese. I'm not very savvy when it comes to cooking!

Favorite memory involving food: Every time one of my family members has a birthday, we all go down to the Macaroni Grill. It's always a lot of fun and they sing happy birthday to the birthday person in Italian. It's really fun.

Recipe or food tip to share: I can't cook to save my life. Everything I attempt to make is ruined by the time I try and put it on the plate, but I can share one tip! If you have a hard time cooking mac n' cheese on the stove, just put it in a microwaveable bowl and throw it in the microwave for 8 minutes. It's so much better than cooking it on the stove!

Erin Beaty

Erin Beaty

What'd you eat for dinner last night? Asparagus risotto.

Favorite food: My mom's homemade curry soup.

Least favorite food: Meat (I'm a vegetarian).

Favorite dessert: Ice cream topped with homemade hot fudge.

Favorite local restaurant and meal to order there: Chipotle--a Veggie Burrito Bowl.

Favorite local bar and cocktail to order there: Starbucks
Passion Fruit Tea.

Favorite thing to cook at home: Crepes with Nutella, raspberries and strawberries.

Favorite memory involving food: Eating gelato in Rome, Italy.

Recipe or food tip to share: For all you vegetarians out there, Trader Joe's has a good selection of quick and yummy frozen meals such as Vegetable Bird's Nests and Penne Arrabbiata, when you just can't muster up the energy to cook for yourself!

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WTF, guys? Who cares what these girls eat? Did you want to explain who they are? Even if I knew, a Mill Rat obviously has better taste than Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill.... Please feature interesting people who like interesting things.


Really care what some dumb girl band likes to eat. They are a girl band right?

John Vandercook
John Vandercook

who are these people and why are we featuring folks who think Panda Express, Olive Garden, and Oregano's are awesome. Can we feature someone with some culinary experience?

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