Win Motörhead Swag in a Mosh Potatoes Cooking Contest

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Lemmy from Motorhead has some swag up for grabs
This week, we shared our experiences cooking with Mosh Potatoes, a heavy metal cookbook filled with recipes from rockers like Lita Ford, Anthrax, Megadeth, and Otep. We noted that the most extreme recipe was "Krakatoa Surprise," from Lemmy of speed metal band Motörhead.

Apparently, this recipe is so crazy that its preparation merits a contest. Today, Freeman Promotions announced a "We Dare You to Cook Up Lemmy Contest."

Here's how it works: Participants will make Krakatoa Surprise (see our previous blog for the recipe), and videotape themselves cooking it. Then they'll upload the video to YouTube and submit it to the Lemmy Cookout Contest section of

The contest starts today, January 4, and the video with the most votes will win. The grand prize package consists of a framed, autographed photo of Lemmy; an autographed Motörhead CD; a pair of Harley Davidson boots; an autographed copy of Mosh Potatoes; three Lemmy T-shirts; and a $20 gift card to

Mosh Potatoes editor Steve Seabury explains more about the contest in this video:

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As a bonus, your concoction can also serve as a model of the cover of "Dianetics"!

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