Whataburger Green Chile Double Versus Dead Birds Falling From the Sky

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In a response to thousands of dead birds falling from the sky with implications that the end of the world is upon us, Whataburger has announced a limited-time offering of its Green Chile Double, which features two beef patties, two kinds of cheese, and roasted green chiles.

Smart move, Whataburger. At least it wasn't chicken. Now let's see if your Green Chile Double is a welcome distraction or the fast-food equivalent of Gabriel's trumpet.

For the most part, the Whataburger Green Chile Double is a solid sandwich. The roasted green chiles brought a nice, mildly spicy flavor to the beef patties and the slices of American and Monterey Jack cheese made themselves known in a satisfying yet subtle way.

Better than the Whataburger 5-3-1 disaster? Hells, yeah. And while the salt content of the Green Chile Double is still crazy-high (1,867 mg) it's thankfully nowhere near the 5-3-1's 2,462 mg of salty shockiness.

Verdict: The Whataburger Green Chile Double wins over dead birds falling from the sky. It's available only for a limited time, so grab one now before the plague of frogs hops into a town near you.

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