Tucson Eatery Cancels Lion Menu After Repeated Threats

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​Tucson's Boca Tacos y Tequila made national news last week when owner Bryan Mazon announced his plans to serve lion meat street tacos by pre-paid order on February 16.

Now, he's called off his plans after the restaurant, his family members, customers, and vendors received "many threats."

Earlier installments of Boca's Exotic Taco Wednesdays have featured such meats as rattlesnake, alligator, elk, and kangaroo.

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Caitlin Gambee
Caitlin Gambee

It's prepaid, it wont go to waste. Lions aren't endangered yet, right? They might just need to get a bit of an ego check in the Savanna. It's way better than Gordon Ramsay selling endangered eel in his restaurants. http://foodiegossip.blogspot.c...


Why do we need to choose which dish is ok and which is not? Endangered eel? Threatened lion? Why not say both are inappropriate? Mindful eating isn't a zero-sum exercise.


Lions are threatened, do we really need to push them to 'endangered?'

I have no beef (heh) with serving kangaroo, elk, buffalo or other exotic meats. But, lion? Seriously? Why the heck would anyone even think that's a good idea?

PETA may have failed with its "Fish are friends, not food" campaign starring Nemo, but eating The Lion King?

Oh that is SO off the menu! Herd animals that aren't endangered, no problem.Rattlesnakes and other threatened status wildlife, why would you even want to eat them? What is wrong with people today, it's like they're almost eager to destroy what's left of the natural world.

Erica O.
Erica O.

Everyone knows that charismatic mega-fauna are a no-no. If Disney has based a movie around the critter, then you're not allowed to eat it. (Oops, sorry Bambi and Thumper.) Thems the rules.

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