Taco Bell to Beef-Battle Lawyers: Thank You for Suing Us. Now We're Suing You. (Double DONG!)

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Taco Bell is calling bullshit on a lawsuit filed two weeks ago challenging the actual beef content in its tacos with a massive marketing campaign launched last Friday.

In addition to a YouTube campaign starring TB's president, Greg Creed, proclaiming the taco mixture is 88 percent beef (not 35 percent beef, as stated in the lawsuit), the fast-food chain also took out snarkified full-page ads in major newspapers thanking the class-action lawyers for suing them and threatening to sue back. Meow! I mean...Moo! I mean...meat filling moo!

The ads go on to say the rest of the filling -- the 12 percent "secret recipe" -- is a mixture of spices and common food additives. Maltodrextrin anyone?

With the Internet nearly imploding over all this beef or non-beef brouhaha, it's like the Taco Bell E. coli outbreak of 2006 never happened! Even Stephen Colbert has parodied the claim on his show, The Colbert Report. Funny stuff for a Monday morning. Watch it after the jump.

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