Starbucks Introduces the 31-Ounce 'Trenta' Cup -- Can You Stomach It?

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The National Post
Like having its own version of the Big Gulp, Starbucks has announced they will introduce the 31-ounce "Trenta" cup in all U.S. locations by May 3. Available only for iced beverages, the new gut-punching size is seven ounces larger than the "Venti", currently the largest size the Seattle-based chain offers.

My bladder's burstin' just thinking about it. And it won't be long before it debuts in the Valley.

The new-size news comes after several months of testing the Trenta in Phoenix and Tampa (where giant, cold beverages tend to be popular -- imagine!) and responding to competitors like Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's who already offer similar-sized options. Unsweetened Trenta beverages will have fewer than 90 calories and the sweetened versions less than 230 calories.

The Trenta size will debut in fourteen states, including Arizona, on Tuesday, January 18.

What about you Starbucks fans? Would you stomach 916 ml of iced coffee in the Trenta cup? Could you?

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Jk Grence
Jk Grence

Meanwhile, Dunkin' Donuts has been serving a 32-ounce large iced coffee for about $2 for YEARS.


I got my first shot of Trenta during the fall last year. I ordered that pink iced tea (whatever flavor that it- it's pretty delicious) and I just said "the biggest." I totally forgot about the giant-sized trenta - WAYYYYY too big! even on a hot day, I don't need that much tart iced tea. Especially for over $3. I thought Starbucks' new business plan was to keep it classy :(

Laura Hahnefeld
Laura Hahnefeld

Whoa, sounds like a little much. Thanks for sharing!

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