Now Open in Scottsdale: Narcisse Champagne & Tea Lounge

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​Scottsdale Quarter
, the new upscale shopping complex across the street from Kierland Commons, continues its dining expansion with the opening of new Narcisse Champagne & Tea Lounge, from Tom Zummo and Todd Rosenbaum, the creators of Barrio Cantina & Grill.

More than 200 kinds of bubbles -- including 75 available by the glass -- are the focus of the 6,000-square-foot, upscale hangout, as well as an afternoon tea service and tapas-style eats by chef Nate Woods (formerly of Fox Restaurant Concepts).

Along with raw bar selections to go with your champagne, look for half a dozen different kinds of caviar, served with traditional accompaniments, "salties" like a popcorn of the day and wasabi-salted pistachios, salads, and cheese, meat, and vegetable platters. Savory dishes include scallops with red curry, cauliflower and poached raisins; organic chicken with crispy pumpkin, abalone mushroom, and green beans; and crispy duck with Mission figs, roasted chestnuts, and frisee.

Narcisse promises to be a day-to-night kind of hangout. Starting at 2 p.m., you'll be able to choose from a dozen different teas, paired with three courses of "tea bites" like chicken salad and smoked salmon. The tapas-style menu will be available as well. Then, in the evening, settle in with some bubbly or a cocktail, and take in some live music.

Given the state-of-the-art soundsystem, VIP areas, and big-ticket bottle service packages, it's clear that Narcisse aims to be a major player in the nightlife scene as well -- and Zummo and Rosenbaum bring a decade of experience working Evening Entertainment Group (Axis-Radius, Myst, Suede). There's also a membership program that gives you points for every dollar spent; redeemable rewards could be anything from a free bottle of bubbly to private VIP events.

Narcisse opens daily at 2 p.m., with tea time until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and dinner and bar until "late," and Friday and Saturday hours until 2 a.m. Call 480-588-2244 for reservations.

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Nina Payne
Nina Payne

WOW!!!! The worse place I've ever been to in my life! The main bouncer was a total looser. This poor excuse for a man was tall, had dark hair, sour face, clearly unhappy with his life and rude.

I went with 2 girlfriends. We were there for about 1/2 hour when one of them had to use the ladies room. Myself and my other friend were waiting for her outside the bathroom when a tall, skinny, dark haired, rude and nasty girl pushed me for no reason. I was standing close to the wall so she had plenty of room to go through without touching me. I think she wanted to start trouble. This girl was followed by several staff members and a few bouncers. Another bouncer was carrying a passed out drunk girl to the back elevator. they were also helping another drunk girl out through the same door holding a trash can under her face. Great place right! Not!

In the midst of all the drama, of strangers to me, my friends and I were asked to leave through the same elevator. We asked why but they said nothing and the main bouncer proceeded to push his large body on my 4'11" frame. What a looser right?

They couldn't pay me enough to visit their establishment again. I predict a short lived run for this place. They give Scottsdale a bad name.


I celebrated mine and my friends birthday here and I really thought there wait staff sucked. They took 30 to 40 minutes to bring first drink order and than after that it was an hour or not at all. We were in the VIP area and were treated badly. None of us will return especially since our bill overcharged us at least by double and we had to get it fixed which took a lot of time and ruined the already dissapointing evening. Also suppose to be a place where you can get away from all the rift raft and was totally full of young people that were rude and disrespectful. Many bottlerats lurking in every direction.

Justin Grossman
Justin Grossman

Was at Narcisse last night with my wife and had one of the rudest encounters with the manger/bouncer that I could possibly imagine. My wife and I were excited to try this place as we live in North Scottsdale and wanted some new places to go. Got there early after dinner and sat down at the bar for a glass of wine. We had been at the bar about 45 minutes and just ordered our 2nd glass of wine. My wife went to the bathroom and while I was sitting at the bar the bouncer came over to me and told me I could no longer sit where I had been sitting and was going to remove my bar stools at the bar.

I told him I thought that was rude, that my wife and I don't want to stand with our wine and that we didn't see the need to remove us from our seats. At that moment without any explanation..... seriously.... no more conversation other than those few words.... he told me my choice was to get off the stools or leave the bar. I looked at him like he was nuts. I had never been talked to that way in any establishment. I told him I didn't quite understand why he would want me to leave the bar for discussing that I was not satisfied with him pulling bar stools away from me, while my wife and I were drinking $18 glasses of wine. He never offered to relocate me, offer me a drink for any inconvenience. He just told me the bar stools no longer work here as the bar gets crowded and to get up.

At that point he removed the stools from underneath me and took them away. The bartender - who up till that point had given us great service, asked me if I was "ok". I told him no I was upset that the ****head bouncer was treating us like that. At that point, one of the other bouncers heard my complaint...yes complaint.... and both bouncers came back and said I was no longer welcome at the bar. So far I had not raised my voice, was not causing a scene was literally trying to discuss why I was being treated so poorly. The bouncer threatened to call the cops on me. Which I told him to do as I have not done anything wrong and already told him I would leave as soon as my wife returned from the bathroom. I also asked for my credit card back and the drinks to be removed from my tab that had just been poured. I don't think I should pay for $18 glasses of wine that I didn't get to drink because the bouncer has a god complex. My card was handed back to me at that time, without them voiding the transaction...guess I will be calling my credit card company. At that time my wife came back from the restroom and could not believe what was happening. As she tried to engage the bouncer to get information again he just told us to leave

I then told the bouncer we would leave, but he blocked our exit and didn't want us walking out the front door. He wanted us to leave by the back elevator exit. I told that my wife and I wanted to go somewhere else and didn't need to be escorted out that we would leave without causing any issues. That was not good enough for them they surrounded us and made us go out the back entrance. The whole time we were in the elevator they said we were unreasonable and that I should not have called the bouncer a name. treat me like that when I am spending good money in your restaurant and minding my own business and literally insult me for asking for some common service and some decency. It's not like my wife and I were some obnoxious drunks. We are business professionals that were just hoping to have a good night out on the town. Obviously, we won't be going back to Narcisse. As any new hot bar they will probably do well as "the place" to go, but I hope their run is short lived so I can get a new establishment in the Scottsdale Quarter that treats me well for my business.


Give me a break, the name should be narcistic since they think so much of themselves with cheaply made furniture and low budget design, not to mention an attitude of snobbery that describes this new venue. So if you are over forty, you need not waste your time trying to go unless of course you like to be turned away by a BS excuse that you need a reservation to stand at the bar!


I've been there, and the bubble chandeliers are my favorite...and the hot bartenders and servers too!


Yes they are not professional or friendly employees. The bar wont last long if it doesn't change.

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