McDonald's Fruit and Maple Oatmeal: Look Ma, No McMuffin!

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​Let's face it, a quick breakfast at Mickey Dee's usually doesn't bring to mind anything that's going to be good for you (McGriddle!), but with this month's nationwide launch of McDonald's Fruit and Maple Oatmeal, Ronald seems to be taking the high, healthy road. What gives?

Available all day long for $1.99, the fruit and maple oatmeal is topped with red and green apples, dried cranberries, and golden and regular raisins. It can be had with or without brown sugar (with the brown sugar the calorie count is 290, without, 260) and contains five grams of dietary fiber and two-thirds of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's recommended daily allowance of whole grain.

Is the fruit and maple oatmeal a nice change from McDonald's usual greasy breakfast grub or is it back to, "One bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, please." Via the drive-thru? Let's find out, shall we?

The Pros:
For $1.99, you certainly get a decent-size dose of the stuff and there's no skimpin' on the fruit pieces either. It's served hot and there's a nice hint of maple aroma, which, according to the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, is not actual maple and that McDonald's is in violation of their maple law, which is kinda funny when you think of someone breaking a maple law -- when they throw the book at you for that, it sticks! (Sorry.)

The Cons:
Some pieces of the fruit were a tad bitter and I wanted more maple taste. I'm also not a fan of oatmeal that's on the watery side, but, hey, that's just my thing.

Fry Girl's Take:
Could I resist ordering an Egg McMuffin in lieu of this new healthy fare? Hell, no -- it's not that good. However, I do applaud the clown's efforts for adding a food option to their menu that doesn't come in a greasy wrapper. Makes for a nice option when folks are on the go and looking for a healthy bite.

What about you, fry fans? Anyone else tried the new McDonald's Oatmeal? What did you think?

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I love McDonald's oatmeal!!! It is yummy. I like the combination of hot oatmeal, cruncy apples and chewy raisins!!!


Is this another McDonald's move to copy Starbucks? First the Coffee Latte's and now the same oatmeal? Oh, and free wi-fi. Wow. Starbucks must be making the Golden Arches sweat over profits.


I would do a testimonial for free( hey, that's what I'm doing here, isn't it!.) I LOVE the oatmeal! I'm glad it's available all day! The fruit on top is very generous and is worth every penny! I hope this stays on the menu- I'd stop at McDonald s again just to have the oatmeal! pair it with the yogurt parfait and you have a very healthy meal! Way to go, McDonalds!


Just finished eating a cup. I actually intended to get a Big Mac. I'll definitely order it again as it is much more healthy and demanded less from my wallet, especially when I consider the coffee I had with the oatmeal vs. the coke and fries I would have had with the Mac. Good job, McDonalds!

Gaye Massey
Gaye Massey

I love the oatmean at MCDonalds, but I took what they put in and made my own for about 25 cents

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