Legendary Pink Pony Reopening in Old Town

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​It was the end of an era when owner Gwen Briley closed The Pink Pony in 2009, after a slow summer in the midst of the recession. 

At the time, the Old Town institution had the distinction of being Scottsdale's oldest restaurant. Throughout its 61-year existence, it was long known as a hangout for baseball's creme de la creme, who'd fill the joint during Cactus League season to eat steaks and drink martinis. But in recent times, it fell off the radar and was something of a time capsule -- it seemed as if nothing had ever been updated in the place.

Now, there's a sign up that The Pink Pony is on the verge of a comeback.

A new website teases us with hopes of a new future for the restaurant, thanks to new (unnamed) owners who have fond childhood memories of it.

"Opening Early 2011," it says. Stay tuned for more details . . .


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Glad to hear about the reopening. This was our place to go after golf onthe east side. Great steak sandwich, generous pour on the drinks andwarm and friendly service.


According to the liquor department, the only owner listed is PINK PONY RESTAURANTS INC. which has an agent listed as one GWENDOLYN BRILEY.


So happy to hear The Pink Pony is reopening. Hopefully, in time for Parada Del Sol. Would be the greatest grand opening celebration. I even worked there as a hostess for a short time going through school many years ago. Much success and good wishes! www.zazzle.com/orglioness*


Awesome! I will definitely have to check it out...

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