Giant Coffee Ditches Cash-Only Payment Policy

Chrystall Kanyuck

Is it a big deal if a coffee shop doesn't accept plastic?

Perhaps it shouldn't be, but when the cafe is in CenPho (where there's plenty of stylish competition, and people take their hangouts very seriously) and the java joint happens to be owned by Matt and Erenia Pool (creators of two other popular downtown haunts, Matt's Big Breakfast and The Roosevelt), then the answer is affirmative.

Yelpers flipped out when the Pools' third venture, Giant Coffee, debuted last year with a cash-only payment policy. Matt Pool reasoned that he was emulating the famed Portland coffee roaster Stumptown.

But recently, Giant began taking debit and credit cards.

I've never seen a coffee shop or restaurant in Phoenix take payment via iPad, but at Giant, they have a tiny device hooked up to it that allows customers to use plastic -- and get a digital receipt. Lookie here:

Giant Coffee uses an iPad to process debit and credit card transactions now.

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Matthew Petro
Matthew Petro

Giant is taking payment using Square. It's a device (which is hooked to the iPad in the picture) and a service which makes it easy to take mobile payment via iDevices. I talked with Matt when Giant started taking plastic and he said that he wanted to go with Square instead of investing in a traditional credit card POS system, but it just took a while to get set up.

Whatever the situation, I'm glad to see them taking credit and debit now.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer

Saw THAT coming. You don't succeed in business by being elite about payment methods.

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