Crudo's Brandon Crouser Heads to Avalon

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​After a year and a half of working at Crudo, the quirky Old Town eatery-within-a-salon that he founded with his friend and co-chef Cullen Campbell, chef 
Brandon Crouser has left the restaurant to take the executive chef position at Avalon, in South Scottsdale. He started the new gig a week ago.

Before opening Crudo, Crouser (pictured at left) was the chef at creative BYOB Atlas Bistro, and says he's already changed the menu at Avalon to reflect the kind of fare he used to serve there. 

Lunch offerings are like that of "an upscale AZ88," he says, with burgers, sandwiches, salads featuring Maya's and Seacat Gardens produce, and a few entrees. At dinner, Crouser's doing "classic bistro food, with world flair."

Meanwhile, Campbell -- who says Crouser's departure was amicable -- has no plans to change things up at Crudo, where he serves inventive raw seafood dishes, handmade pastas, and more.

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Chris Lee
Chris Lee

Sad that Brandon left Crudo. I think the food at Crudo is among the best in the state. I will have high hopes for Avalon though. Not been there yet but this is a reason to go. Glad he's still in Scottsdale (selfishly).

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