Closed for Business: Dolce Espresso Video Coffee Bar

Was there too much coffee competition in uptown Phoenix? Was the strip mall location wrong? Did people just not get the live video DJ concept? Or was that name too much of a mouthful?

Whatever the reason, at least we know this much: Dolce Espresso Video Coffee Bar is closed.

Brothers Cesar and Leo Marin opened the shop at Camelback Rd. and 10th St. a little over a year ago, with the hopes of attracting a late-night crowd on weekends. Now, the space is empty and a for-rent sign is up. 

Farewell, Dolce.

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another thing that didn't sell well was their baked good offerings, they were not that good, and their coffee concoctions although idealistic usually came out too sweet or not as exceptional. In order to make it in the Phoenix scene you have to have at least a few items that differentiate you from your competition or something that makes it a place to come back to.


Two reasons that may have contributed to Dolce's demise: 1) The location sucked. Even though it was right there in a prime stretch of Camelback, it was hard to tell the palce was even there. The parking was also limited. 2) The place sometimes had an unpleasant odor. I thought it was just me, until a few other friends mentioned the same thing. Very off-putting.

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