Citrus-scaping at St. Francis

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One of our favorite parts of eating at the super-stylish CenPho St. Francis is, of course, the aesthetic: midcentury mod, to be sure, but with some homey touches thrown in.

Like citrus-scaping. We're down with just about any -scaping these days (as long as you don't make us discuss man-scaping, ick) and we love what St. Francis did with an orange, at lunch the other day. (The red quinoa salad was out of this world, too.)

To think we were getting ready to donate our cupcake tree to Goodwill! No more. And orange against milk glass? To die for.

Have a good idea for displaying your crop of grapefruit or tangerines? Email a photo to and we'll enter you in a drawing to win a Chow Bella apron.


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Nice space, decent food, now if they could figure out how to provide good service, they might have something! Hint: If you can't provide good service, offer the customer something to make up for it. Pretty standard at most places, but not at St Francis.

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