Chef Shinji Kurita Planning to Reopen Shinbay in Scottsdale

​Fans of Japanese cuisine will surely take heart at the comeback of a local luminary: Chef Shinji Kurita is working on reopening Shinbay, this time in Scottsdale.

Since it closed five years ago, Kurita's original Ahwatukee location of Shinbay has become the stuff of legends for its exquisite obentos, top-notch seafood, and refined, minimalistic atmosphere, where the chef-owner quietly worked as a sort of one-man-show behind the counter, creating artistic plates of ankimo (monkfish liver pate), whitefish sizzled in sesame oil, and tender octopus with olive oil.

Kurita says construction will soon begin on his space at the Scottsdale Seville, which will have a similar feel to his old restaurant. There will be just 14 seats in the dining area and a dozen at the sushi bar.

Although Kurita is still refining his concept, he says it will have omakase tasting menus similar to the original Shinbay, as well as a sushi bar with "New Tokyo-style" sushi.

What does that mean? "Only nigiri," he says. Maki (rolls) won't be an option.

And true to the ways of sushi purists in Tokyo, there won't be soy sauce for you to dip your fish into. Instead, he'll use his own special soy sauce, and will season each piece before it's served.

Look for a tentative April opening.

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When Shinbay was open in Ahwatukee our family always visited it for special ocassions. When it closed we were all really sad. I am looking forward to visiting it when it opens in Scottsdale. Best sushi tasting menu you can ever have period.

Eager Beaver
Eager Beaver

I can't express to you how excited I am about this! I'm so sick of these so called.."Sushi" restaurants in Scottsdale. It's not sushi.. its crap!!! I'm so ready for Chef Shinji Kurita... the real deal !! My mouth is watering ....... can't wait, cant wait, cant wait!!!

japanese restaurant auckland
japanese restaurant auckland

YESSSSS!!! A long awaited return.

@Chris Lee & Flyboy - completely agree!

We're absolutely psyched too! Can't wait!


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If you love sushi and other traditional Japanese food, this is a BIG deal for AZ residents and visitors ! Yesssssssss

Chris Lee
Chris Lee

Holy crap this is good news!!!! I can't believe he's coming back AND in Scottsdale! I am so, so, so, so, so psyched.

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