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Photo: Cyndi Coon
Say you just worked to develop one of the most popular tech devices, ever. Whatcha gonna do now? Open a candy store on Mill Avenue, of course! 
Photo: Cyndi Coon

Frank Ellis left Silicone Valley after working as part of the Amazon Kindle team. Exhausted and ready for a new adventure, he and his wife Pam moved to Tempe and decided what Mill Avenue really needed was a place to buy specialty candy -- including the regional, retro, novelty and hard-to-find stuff.

Now if Mill Avenue only still had a multi-plex, first-run movie theater. Sigh. 

Photo: Cyndi Coon

Candy Addict is located near ASU at 414 Mill Avenue, 480-921-1155. Visit their website for hours:

Location Info

Candy Addict

414 Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

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Chris Cardinal
Chris Cardinal

Not to nitpick, but silicone is what's in breast implants... silicon is the eponymous element of California tech valley fame.


Yay! Wish I were there! Frank and Pam are the best and anyone shopping at their store is in for a treat-literally!-Michelle Cortez, California

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