Where To Get Your Cranberry Fix

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Cranberry is good for more the just a string of garland on your Christmas tree and it is a holiday treat long after Thanksgiving. During this Christmas week cranberry is popping up on menus all around the Valley.

Find out where to get your cranberry fix after the jump.

Jump around town this week while you work on your last minute holiday shopping and grab some cranberry goods while you go.

cranberry sauce.jpg

Start off with Einstein Brothers Bagels Cranberry Bagel or Wildflower Bread Co Orangic steel cut oats with cranberries. For a sweet treat stop by Honeymoon Sweets and grab either a cranberry flourless cake or a cranberry tea-bread loaf. If you're in a rush and want a take with you snack swing by a local Trader Joe's for a four pack of their Apple Cranberry Bran Muffins.

As a craving for some lighter fare hits head over to Cranberry Hills Eatery for a taste of their Cranberry Chef Salad or to The Hacienda where they have a salad called Ensalada Con Almendras with cranberries in it. If you want a yummy sandwich check out the cranberry relish at Café Boa, it is served on the duckling sandwich.

When you reach cocktail hour and just need a break swing into Z Tejas for their cranberry margarita, or Wright's at the Arizona Biltmore for their Cranberry Cane cocktail, made with 10 Cane rum, lemon and cranberry juices, sweetened with simple syrup and garnished with lemon.

At the end of the day head out to dinner and try Tarbell's cranberry and carrots side dish, Vincent's goose confit and cranberry and finish it off with Cowboy Ciao's bread pudding made with drunken cherries & cranberries topped with praline sauce.

If you are making it a full night out plan a date at Arizona Broadway Theater and sample their Christmas Cranberry Sorbet.

Still hungry? Dig into our egg nog and peppermint round-ups.


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Chrissy Warren

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