What Should I Buy for a Baker?

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Decorative Ribbon.JPG
Carol Blonder
Culinary ribbons from Sur La Table
They follow food blogs daily, are the first in line to try new restaurants, and can be found at the farmers market every weekend. What to give your foodie fanatic for the holiday? Click our lists, we checked them twice: tools for the chef, a suggestive sampling of locally grown/made goodies , and gourmet ingredients. Today our list for the foodie baker.
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Carol Blonder
Silicone baking mats
Baking mats made from silicone are fantastic for lining cookie sheets and baking pans. They can be cut to custom fit cake pans and loaf pans. Easy to clean. Eco friendly replacement for parchment paper. Find at ABC Baking Supplies, Sur La Table, Sweet Basil, William Sonoma. Price range: $13 and up
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Carol Blonder
Baking stone
Whether the passion is pizza or bread, baking stones ensure a crispy crust. Look for a stone that can be used in the oven or on the grill. Find at Sur La Table, Sweet Basil, and William Sonoma. Price range $25 and up 

more gift ideas for the foodie baker after the jump
Copper Cookie Cutters.JPG
Carol Blonder
Copper cookie cutters
Pretty enough to hang on the wall, we love the French themed copper cookie cutters. The design and the size make them stand out. Find at Sur La Table and online. Price $7.95 each
Cake dishtowels.JPG
Carol Blonder
Baking theme tea towels
Embroidered cake and cupcake tea towels. The beauty and the whimsey of these caught our eye. The kind of kitchen gear we would hesitate to buy for ourselves but love to receive. Find at Anthropologie. Price range $18 and up
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Carol Blonder
Kitchen Torch
The chef tool for putting the finishing touch on creme brulee and meringue pies. We use it to caramelize baked brie and fruits. Find at kitchen ware stores and hardware stores. Price range $15-35.
Covered cake plate.JPG
Carol Blonder
Covered cake plate
Display and store beautiful baked creations with a covered cake stand. We found this simple, elegant covered stand at Crate and Barrel. Vintage stores are great places to find stands classy or kitsch. Price range $60
Deep dish pie pan .JPG
Carol Blonder
Ceramic deep dish pie pan and rolling pin
We have always been partial to the Emile Henry ceramic pie pans. Until we saw these cuties at Anthropologie. Price range: Rolling pin $18, Pie Dish $28
Cookie Molds.JPG
Carol Blonder
Cookie molds
Springerle, gingerbread, shortbread, sugar cookies and even molding chocolates are easily transformed into works of art using cookie molds. house on the hill molds replicate traditional patterns sought by cookie mold collectors. Find at Sur La Table and online. Price range $ 50
Sweet ornaments.JPG
Carol Blonder
Sweet themed ornaments
Chocolate covered strawberries, a slice of chocolate cake, sparkling cupcakes, ice cream, or a jar of honey, whatever your bakers' specialty, these holiday ornaments will sweeten their tree. Find at Sur La Table. Price range $ 6 to $20
Ceramic measuring cups.JPG
Carol Blonder
Ceramic measuring cups
Pretty and practical, ceramic measuring cups are dishwasher and microwave safe. Find at Anthropologie. Price range $26 to $38

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jessica cuff

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