Rockstar Energy Gum

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After drinking countless energy drinks, coffees, teas, and even caffeinated beef jerky, we're down to try almost anything. And while we're not fond of energy mints in general, we discovered that Rockstar's energy gum is actually pretty good -- definitely better than their energy drinks.

Each servings of Rockstar Energy Gum (two pieces) contains 80 mg of caffeine, the same amount as a can of Red Bull. There's also 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12, plus an undisclosed amount of Taurine. That's a whopper of an energy blend. (The gum also contains phenylalanine, just FYI).

The energy boost provided by a chewing just one piece of Rockstar Energy Gum is pretty decent, and almost immediate. We chewed a piece for over an hour and still felt energized.

As far as flavor, the "Iced Mint" is very, very minty and cool. At first, it's so tingly you might feel like you're chewing firecrackers, but the sensation quickly subsides and leaves a tasty, long-lasting flavor in the mouth.

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Energy Gum Guy
Energy Gum Guy

Energy gum & mints are popping up more and more.  They are great for athletes as well.


Has anybody tried the Ed Hardy Energy Mints?

Wow. One tin = 8 energy drinks. Big kick


When are you guys going to get it? Caffeine kills the absorption of B vitamins. This is widely known and makes sense to anyone who thinks about it for a moment. You can google search "B Vitamin absorption caffeine" to see the articles. Adding B Vitamins to any drink, gum, or whatever other caffeine delivery system you choose is a marketing ploy. Don't be fooled by these hucksters.

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