Read It and Drool: Smitten Kitchen

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I wish I had more time to surf the web and find new blogs to read, so thank goodness Chow Bella has outgoing fans who love to share their favorites (along with news, gossip, and their latest dining adventures -- I love all of this, btw).

A "long-time reader of Chow Bella" named Jamie shared a tip on Smitten Kitchen, and I am really digging it. The photography is absolutely gorgeous, and there's a heck of an archive of great recipes.

Thoughts of a certain local restaurant's cult-fave dish has me craving leeks, so I looked up leeks in Smitten Kitchen's list of ingredients and cuisines, and found a tasty-sounding recipe for this leek and swiss chard tart (above). The site is a pleasure to browse, and you can find things by fruit or vegetable, season, or type of cuisine.

Not surprisingly, Smitten Kitchen's Deb Perelman got a book deal, so look for something in stores in 2012!

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Rad! Glad you like it.

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