Payton Curry Serves Rudolph

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If you don't like eating things with a face (or a shiny, red nose) you may want to steer clear of this week's feature story on local celebrity chef and controversy enthusiast Payton Curry. This holiday, Curry's got reindeer on the menu. Don't tell the kiddies.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Payton Curry's holiday menu:

Curry's causing mischief with the hope that someone might notice -- or maybe even appreciate -- everything else he's cooking on a daily basis, from homemade sausage and cured meats to quail, sweetbreads, and foie gras. Maybe customers will see his passion for local ingredients, for unusual seasonal items that might make a brief, delicious appearance before their harvest is up. Maybe Curry is confident and creative enough to back up the notoriety with substance.

Curry and Caffe Boa aren't the only ones who stand to benefit. If this gets people interested in Slow Food, in supporting local farmers, in eating something they've never tried before -- it raises the bar for everybody...full story

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I not only eat things with a face, I sometimes eat the face.Head cheese rocks, and so do barbecued pig snoots. Fukkabunchavegans. I hope they are haunted by all of the carrots and cabbages they murdered to satisfy their unholy appetites.


Man!!! I hate this guy!!!!

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