Calorie-free Food-inspired Gift Guide

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Not all foodie gifts need to land on your thighs. The following are four different fun and funky food-inspired gift ideas that don't necessarily belong in the kitchen.


A non-perishable print or calendar that will last much longer than an edible gift. Some of our favorites from Etsy. Chances of Sprinkles from Caged Tomato (1 - $15), Corndog and Candy Apple letterpress calendar (2 - $14) and a Biscuitfest letterpress print (3 - $35) from indie printer, YeeHaw, and an illustrated Kitchen Utensils art print from oneCanoetwo (4 - $25).


Correspond cutely with local letterpress shop, SeeSaw's set-of-three sorbet notecards (1 - $4) or Cupcake Shoppe Stationery (3 - $10.95). Another route, organize with illustrated recipe cards & tabs in a cute wooden box (2 - $46).


So  many food-inspired clothes and accessories, like kitschy crafty accessories like the S'mores Necklace (1 - $15) and Croissant Ring (2 - $20.43) or an adorable zipper pull from Urban Outfitters (3 - $5). Get fashionable with a food pyramid tee for men, women or kids at Threadless (4 - $12) or a cupcake scarf, (5 - $63.99).


Fun gifts for food-lovers run the gamut from frivolous to utilitarian like this adorable Rise and Shine Sticker Pack (1 - $7), a Buttered Toast Wallet (2 - $16), Cupcake Key Covers (3 - $6.95), and Sweet Treat Scented Handy Wipes (4 - $3). Support local business with these Crafeteria artist items: Dainty Cake Ornaments (5 - $45) from Sweet B folk art or Bacon Sparkle Finger Puppet from local designer Puppet Pie (6 - $45).

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