Closed for Business: The Grill Next Door

​Two-pound, quadruple decker burgers and scantily clad babes weren't enough to keep Heart Attack Grill on life-support at the corner of 44th Street and Thomas, and apparently that formula didn't work for its watered-down successor, either.

The Grill Next Door is now an empty shell, and there are "For Lease" signs up.

It's interesting that this spot couldn't survive, when more and more burger joints like the upscale Zinburger and The Grind have been sprouting up like mushrooms.

Why do you think this place failed? What kind of restaurant do you wish would take its place?

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They failed because it was far from upscale. The burgers were big but not particularly tasty, and rather overpriced. The waitresses were cute, but that wasn't enough to redeem the place.

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