Chaka Chaka First Friday Style, Dine Around Downtown and Rice Krispie Treats in Today's Eater's Digest.

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Hungry for your early morning serving of food news, with no preservatives or additives?

Chaka Chaka!
Tonight, get out of the madness of first Friday for a quick bite to eat right down the road at Chaka Chaka.
They are opening their doors for dinner from about 6 p.m. till at least midnight. If you haven't had their jerk chicken sandwich, you are in for a treat. Plus, for you vegetarians out their, Chaka Chaka is adding Vegan Tomato Soup and ChakaChimmiChaka to the menu. Grab a side of garlic fries and a bottle of coke and your ready to tough the crowds on Roosevelt or attempt to make it back to Tempe after a few hours at the Lost leaf.

Downtown Dine Around
Saturday, light rail it up to Downtown Phoenix for the 1st Annual Downtown Dine Around. This is your chance to sample a variety of foods from restaurants just seconds away from the light rail stops. Sample -sized portions will cost you between $2 and $3 each and range from Lobster Bisque to Moink Balls. Beer and custom cocktails will also be available. Click here for a list of participating restaurants.

Comfort Treats
We have had Rice Krispie Treats on the brain for the past couple days (well, one of us has). This weekend we are finally going to break down and make a batch of the buttery, marshmallow-y treats. Sometimes you just need comfort food. Just in case you need a recipe, Mehan's Kitchen has one for you right here.

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