The McRib Returns, or The Greatest Day of the Year Is Upon Us

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Election results? Who cares. World Series? Whatever. The Walking Dead on AMC? Please, that series blows. For fans of McDonald's McRib sandwich, which launched nationwide yesterday, nothin' else matters.

The McRib sandwich -- a pressed pork patty with 26 grams of fat, zero ribs, crazy-delicious pickles, and a die-hard cult following -- usually shows up for a few weeks a year in select markets, with fans using the McRib Locator just to get their sassy sauce fix. Not so in 2010. Mickey Dees is offering the sandwich in all of its U.S. stores until December 5. Limited time, yo!

And this year, McDonald's has launched a contest just for McRib lovers with a story to tell.

The contest, called "The Legends of McRib," asks fans to submit maybe-true-maybe-not stories based on the sandwich with the winning submission winning $10,000 and a trip to Germany, the only country that serves McRib year-round.

Like the McRib? Love the McRib? Why? And why is Germany the only country to serve it year round? Dish and discuss in the comments section.

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Yes, we have McRib 12 month a year and now I'm getting hungry for it because of reading this.


<333 MCRIB

Julie Peterson
Julie Peterson

When I was at McDonald's in Germany (only because we were marooned, hungry and behind schedule, in a very touristy area), the burger was served on a McRib-shaped bun. So maybe that's why they can serve it year-round -- because they always use that shape bun and therefore they have space to store it and it doesn't get stale on slow McRib days?

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