The Center Bistro's Curious Cucumber Water

I've never seen this before. Have you?

It's cucumber puree in a tiny plastic dropper, plunked into my ice water at The Center Bistro. When I squeezed it all into my drink, it transformed it into something I'd find at a resort spa. Kind of clever, I thought.

​I stopped by to check the recently reopened spot in downtown Tempe for lunch. The atmosphere is great, and the menu is mostly light, fresh salads and sandwiches. This roasted mushroom and goat cheese bruschetta was one of the richer items, if that tells you anything. I liked it a lot.

I also enjoyed the chicken sandwich on ciabatta, jazzed up with pickled onions. The bread was fresh and lightly crispy; the chips were just, um, chips. A side salad would've been a better bet.

For a stylish, grown-up alternative to the student haunts in the ASU 'hood, The Center Bistro is worth checking out.

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