Ready for the Return of Welcome Diner?

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​While 2009 was an interesting year for Welcome Diner -- the pint-sized restaurant hosted First Friday events, served as a testing ground for chef Nobuo Fukuda's izakaya cooking, and was unfortunately struck by a car -- 2010 has been completely quiet.

But now owner Sloane McFarland is ready to get things rolling again this month. He's seeking an operating manager/partner, planning expanded outdoor seating and a wine and beer garden, and working on a possible second Welcome Diner location as well. (He's not able to spill the beans on where that would be, though.)

McFarland says the restaurant is permitted and ready to go, but the opening will depend on the final plan and team that he hopes to have in place by the end of this month.

"I want to do it right, take the opportunity of time to make physical and system improvements for improved service and experience, " he says. "I really want to see something collaborative, sustainable, expressive; food, art, community."

Got good ideas? He's open-minded. Hit him up at the Craigslist link above.

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