Chestnut Lane Cafe Closing Up Shop This Month

Sweet little Chestnut Lane Cafe won't survive to see its second birthday. What a shame.

The charming restaurant at 4225 E. Camelback took over the longtime home of Kohnie's Coffee early last year, serving freshly baked cookies, scones, and tarts, lobster cobb salads, turkey BLT sandwiches, excellent egg salad, and other from-scratch treats for breakfast and lunch. From the first time I set foot in it, I liked it as much for its style as for its food.

In a letter to customers, owner Polly Levine explained that the restaurant will close on November 20, since she was unable to negotiate a new lease agreement with the landlord.

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what a great two year run Chestnut Lane had and kudos to Polly Levine for bringing such a quality cafe to Phoenix-Chestnut had a great following and I'm sure there are plenty of folks that are anxious to see Polly open up shop at another location!


I always think its funny where landlords will not renegotiate leases with existing tenants. They'd rather collect nothing for rent than lower the rent a little bit during hard times. Sounds like this is common practice. What a real shame. I hope the owners can find another space.

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