Alcohol-Infused Whipped Cream -- We Found It in Phoenix

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​How did we make it through Thanksgiving without alcohol-infused whipped cream?! 

Well, bring on Christmas -- because we've found Whipped Lightning here in Phoenix and the liquor stores where you can get it opened this morning at 9. (And thanks to our sisters in Orange County and Houston for tipping us off.) 

Find out where to buy espresso hazelnut, alcohol-infused whipped cream in a can after the jump.
Both Tops Liquors in Tempe and Sun Devil Liquors in Mesa carry Whipped Lightning, which retails for $11.99 and carries an alcohol content of up to 18.25 percent, according to the kind clerk who answered the phone bright and early this morning at Sun Devil. 

She rattled off the flavors she carries, including white chocolate, raspberry, caramel pecan, tropical passion (gross! sounds like eating shaving cream!), cinnamon, strawberry colada, coconut, German chocolate cake, hazelnut espresso and pumpkin pie. 

"It's really good," she promises. 

This might just call for a tasting session at this afternoon's Chow Bella staff meeting. We'll keep you posted. 

We haven't been able to find Cream, the competitor to Whipped Lightning, but apparently you can find an online retailer on Cream's website.

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Had Tropical Passion last week, it did taste like shaving cream. Also had the Coconut, which didn't taste any better. A friend back in CT told me the Chocolate one tasted pretty good though.


bought some of this last year, the taste is kind of a let down and it lost the propellant waaaay too fast

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