A Pie Social Field Guide

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Let's face it, there's going to be a ton to see and do at the Pie Social on Saturday. But more important, there are going to be even more people that have the same goals in mind: Drop off the pies (optional), get the tasting tickets, find the best pies, taste, and repeat.

You might need a little help to up your pie-eating efficiency, and figure out where the hell the milk is. And that's where we come in.

Here's a peek at our hints and hot spots for Saturday, November 13:

Illustration by Claire Lawton
Click on the image (or right here) for a full-size, printable version.

Quick Note: Unless you'd like to take the long/wrong way to Bliss/ReBAR, head toward the direction of Carly's Bistro in the upper left-hand corner.

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Julie Peterson
Julie Peterson

If only this were a good place to get answers to questions! Meg, I'm pretty sure that five tasting tickets for two pies or $10 means that one tasting ticket gets one person a taste of one pie. Like rides at the fair.


thanks Julie! I guess I will just have to bring my dollars and find out! :) Hope to see you there!


Since I adhere to the mantra "there are no stupid questions" I will go ahead and ask: Does a tasting ticket get you a taste of 1 pie, or 1 person in to taste unlimited pies? Does that question make sense? Also, just can't wait for pie.

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