There's Something About Tuesdays . . .


Thursdays have long been the "school night" to start the weekend state of mind a little early, but now there's competition from Tuesdays. Call it post-Monday relief, I suppose. Seems like local restaurants are more than eager to motivate us to get up from the couch and get down with a glass of wine at their establishments early in the week.

Earlier this year, Postino got the ball rolling with its $20 deal for a bottle of wine and an order of bruschetta on Monday and Tuesday evenings after 8 p.m. Ever since word got out, the Arcadia and Central locations have been banging until closing time on those nights.

Now, The Vig is in on that same action, hosting "Wine & Whatever Tuesdays." Available at both the Arcadia and uptown locations, the promo gets you a bottle o' vino and your choice of appetizer for $20. (Go for the pork-laden nachos or tandoori chicken flatbread pizza!)

Downtown, at Bliss -- the new spot that took over where Nine 05 used to be -- they're doing "Twofer Tuesdays," with two regular burgers, and order of fries and two glasses of beer or wine for, you guessed it, twenty bucks.

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Postino Wine Cafe

3939 E. Campbell Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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