Terrain: Dangerous Turf for Foodies and Design Fans

​Leave it to Joe Johnston, local tastemaker extraordinaire, to casually Tweet about a cool new website that's suddenly become my time-suck/online shopping obsession of the moment: Terrain. It's a home, garden, and gift store from the evil geniuses at Anthropologie, where I have a weakness for vintagey cocktail dresses.

Heaven knows I don't need one more dishtowel (do I?). But look at the cute mushroom on this $18 piece of absorbent cloth (above). I'm in love.

All sense of thrift goes out the window when I click on categories like "Field to Table" and "The Pantry" to drool over retro ceramics, quirky salt and pepper shakers, a corkscrew that looks like a penguin, cookbooks fit to be seen on my coffee table, bee-shaped cheese markers, and pink Himalayan salt.

And look at these -- which I swear I'm going to buy as soon as I publish this post: The sweetest letterpress recipe cards.


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Danielle Morris
Danielle Morris

I swear my grandmother had those mushroom dish towels. She had a mushroom-themed kitchen when I was growing up...

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