Stuck at My Desk: Signature Cafe BBQ Flavored Ranch Salad with Chicken

Your guide to what to grab and what to skip when your lunchtime is spent at your desk.

What We Ate: Safeway's Signature Cafe BBQ Flavored Ranch Salad with Chicken

The Facts: With dressing: 480 calories, 27g of fat, 1300mg of sodium

Why This One: Eating frozen food everyday kinda sucks and we were feeling especially unhealthy. Fresh green and cold chicken would surely hit the spot. Plus, out of all the salad offerings at Safeway, this one had the least amount of calories.

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Looks: Oh my, it's so pretty! Everything looks so bright and fresh and not a cream sauce or scary cheese in sight.

Taste: YUM! This was a good reminder that eating out of the freezer everyday kinda sucks. Obviously, salad is going to beat anything out of a box.The romaine lettuce, carrots and cabbage were crisp and tasted fresh. We bailed on the onions because as much as we love them, there is a time and a place for them and work is neither. We also ditched the cheese to cut back on the amount of fat, the salad was still awesome without it. The color of the tangy BBQ Ranch was a little freaky but it had a great smoky flavor to it. The chicken tasted like real grilled chicken which was a welcome relief from the processed chunks we're used to. Tasty to the last bite!  

Score: 5 out of 5. We could eat this everyday!

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