Smashburger Goes Chicken With New Menu Items

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New Smashchicken sandwiches.
​Does Smashburger know something we don't?

Rather than introduce a new tasty burger to its lineup (shed tear here), the place that bills itself as "Every City's Favorite Burger Place" has gone chicken, with three new Smashchicken sandwiches: BBQ Ranch, Avocado Club, and Buffalo -- and four new chicken Smashsalads: Honey Mustard, Caesar, Harvest, and BBQ Ranch -- all available in Smashburger's traditional smashed-and-grilled format or a new crispy offering.

New Chicken Smashsalads.
​Is there a trend And what's next: Chicken tenders for In-N-Out? Drumsticks at Five Guys? Will broadening their menu with chicken items give Smashburger a burger boost?

A feathered fuss, to be sure. Check out Fry Girl's breakdown of Smashburger's new chicken chow in my latest column. And if you've had a Smashchicken Sandwich or chicken Smashsalad yet, how was it?

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777 S. College Ave., Tempe, AZ

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