Pie is Love: Chow Bella and Roosevelt Row Team Up for a Pie Social

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We've been hinting for months, but now it's time to get out your calendars -- and your cookbooks -- and start planning for our Pie Social

In case you haven't heard, Pie is the New Black -- and of course the trendsetters over on Roosevelt Row are on top of it. We're teaming up with them to put some new twists on an old-fashioned tradition: the pie social.

You are invited to bake up a storm and bring the results to 5th and Roosevelt streets November 13, in exchange for pie tasting tickets. (Download the application to enter and get all the details.) Or just come with $10 and an empty stomach -- and we'll do the rest.

We'll also have a celebrity chef pie contest and tasting, and what's a Pie Social without a pie eating contest? Go mouth-to-mouth with our own Zach Fowle of Feast of Fury fame.

Keep an eye on Chow Bella in the coming days for more details, including news about how to enter the pie eating contest and how to be named a guest judge.


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Looking forward to hearing more details about the Pie Social. I have a unique pie entry that I would like to showcase in the contest. : )

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