Fry Girl Faces Freaky Fair Grub

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One of these should be avoided at all costs.
The Arizona State Fair was a lot less gritty than I had hoped for -- fairly clean with decent family folk havin' a good time. Heck, even the carnies looked like legitimate businessmen. Where's the missing teeth meth smiles? The used condoms behind the sheep barn? The "I'm With Stupid" half-T's on pregnant moms? Ah, Wisconsin, how I miss thee.

At least the fair's food stayed on the freak show side: deep-fried peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, lion meat, and chocolate-covered scorpions to name a few. And like the midway games, you want to pick the winners without walking away a sucker.

Fry Girl's here to separate the first-class from the flimflam of this year's most exotic, deep-fried, and just plain peculiar foodstuffs at the Arizona State Fair, which runs through November 7. Get your freaky Fair food review in my recent column.

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