Scenes From Jimmy Woo's Grand Opening Party

Jimmy Woo's Exterior.jpg
Erica O'Neil
Jimmy Woo's Chinese Food, opening night.
Earlier this week we blogged about Jimmy Woo's opening in Old Town Scottsdale, bringing a menu of familiar Chinese favorites to the area. Last night, Jimmy Woo's opened its doors to a packed house. Hardly an empty seat was spotted during their first night on the scene, but the bar kept everyone well lubricated with fanciful cocktails, while patrons watched the kitchen staff churn out plate after plate of the chef's choice special tasting menu.
Jimmy Woo's Bar.jpg
The hopping bar at opening night of Jimmy Woo's.
We were lucky enough to score a prime seat on the patio for this see-and-be-seen début, and have the drool-worthy pictures to prove it. The Year of the Tiger may be a lucky one for chef/co-owner Andrew Nam and his modern take on Chinese favorites like Kung Pao and pot stickers.
Jimmy Woo's Interior Abacus.jpg
Splashy red color scheme and an over-sized abacus.
(Sneak a peak at the wonton madness after the jump)
Jimmy Woo's Kung Pao Shrimp.jpg
Kung Pao shrimp, each bursting with spicy, smoky flavor.
The chef's choice started off with a steaming hot bowl of wonton soup and a tray of pork potstickers, both of which were bursting at their steamed seams with porky goodness. These were closely followed by a spicy Kung Pao Shrimp dish and a sweet-and-sour platter of General Woo's Chicken.
Jimmy Woo's Cocktails.jpg
The pretty Lotus Blossom and ginger-based Yellow Fever cocktails.
Rounding out the evening was a sweet instead of savory take on the cream cheese filled puff, with bright pink, gooey raspberry flavored filling and a delicate sprinkle of powdered sugar.
Jimmy Woo's Raspberry Puffs.jpg
Pretty in pink! Raspberry puffs from Jimmy Woo's.

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The grand opening rocked!Exquisite food,refreshing cocktails,and great service from beginning toto end.Glad to have you in the neighborhood!!

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