Emily Spetrino-Murtagh, What Are You Eating?

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Emily Spetrino-Murtagh

Emily Spetrino-Murtagh

The co-owner of Sweets & Beats hosts a show at The Trunk Space Sunday, October 17th, featuring Liam and the Ladies and more.

What'd you eat for dinner last night? Homemade egg salad. Actually, egg salad or eggs of some form have been the last several meals I have had. It's disgusting, but I blame the pregnancy.

Favorite food: Anything potato. I am a connoisseur of eating bland foods. Give me a well-cooked potato with some salt and butter, and I am set.

Least favorite food: Anything from an ocean, lake or river. Being an Arizona native doesn't really equip your palate for food of the fishy persuasion.

Favorite dessert: I could Maybe eat my weight in Baskin Robbins regular chocolate ice cream topped with rainbow sprinkles. Did I mention I'm actually a 5-year-old?

Favorite local restaurant and meal to order there:
Right now, I'd have to say America's Taco Shop--an extra-large bean and cheese burrito with an order of their chips and salsa. Their salsa is incredible, and I am pretty convinced that they put some kind of drug in their cheese to make it so addicting.

Favorite local bar and cocktail to order there: I don't drink, but I can tell you that I am addicted to iced tea. If you're looking for the best iced tea in town, go to the Duck and Decanter (they do different flavors everyday, but their black current tea is awesome) or get the Hava Java blend from Hava Java (3166 E. Camelback Road). Trust me, I've done my iced tea research.

Favorite thing to cook at home: Hashbrowns. You haven't had hashbrowns 'til you've had mine.

Favorite memory involving food: I don't know that I can pinpoint just one, but my best bud, Ryan Avery, and I have really shared some great moments through food. It's rare to find another chubster with as many food issues as myself, so it's always been something special we've bonded over.

Recipe or food tip to share: If you ever find yourself in London, England don't ever, ever eat at the "Mexican" restaurant, El Paso. Just trust me on this one.

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az concierge
az concierge

She owns a viny shop and host a show at The Trunk Space. How many times have Trunk Space and some Improv place being mentioned? Also where does it say anything about meat in her interview.


Ya concierge, look before you eat, umm, leap.

az concierge
az concierge

Can you interview different sectors other than comedians, artists or theatrical ppl? It's getting really old. It's mostly vegans and non-drinkers picking the same cenpho location. *snore*

Wayne Michael Reich
Wayne Michael Reich

Now, now "Concierge"-

You want creativity from from New Times? Might as well ask for a magical pony that shoots lasers while you're at it.

You have an opinion on the quality of the online stories- well, the Editorzilla in charge of this paper (Amy Silverman) really doesn't give a damn, and she's essentially said so many times both here and in the tone of the print edition.

Reader's input is really not what this free "Pennysaver with Porn" is interested in- lame cultural stories, ads featuring strip club chicks holding their boobs, snarky music reviews [by the Jabba the Hutt of music critics Martin Cizmar], these are the things that New Times cares about.

If you need a stereo, a strip club or a "happy ending" this IS the paper for you.My simple advice?

Next time you see a copy of NT laying around, pick it up and recycle it- that way you'll be doing yourself and the planet a favor.

Plus, on the up side- it will give you extra time to read something actually good.

New Times.It's free...because no one would willingly pay for this crap.

Respectfully,Wayne Michael Reich(www.waynemichaelreich.com)

Mig Valen
Mig Valen

Um... I think thats what just happened?

√ Shop Owner √ Meat Eater

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