10 Horrific Halloween Shots

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Enough with the candy already, give us our booze! We went on the prowl for as many liquor- filled fun shots we could find to truly captured the heart and soul of the Halloween season. These 10 shots were the winners. Most of them are tasty, but watch out --- a couple might end up on our next vomit inducing list!

10. Rusty Nail Through the Heart - This one isn't as brutal as it sounds. Although it has the potential to be a nightmare the next day. Equal parts Drumbuie and your choice of whiskey, shake, fill shot glass, and then carefully pour grenadine down the side of the glass to created a gruesome scene.
9. Candy Corn Jello Shots - Halloween wouldn't be the same without candy corn but it could get a lot better with the addition of these guys! Not to mention nothing goes better with a slutty costume then jello shots. Click here for the terribly complicated recipe.


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8. The Black Cat - Instead of sacrificing that black cat you picked up from the pound last week, how about sacrifice your liver instead? The beastly combo of black cherry schnapps, vodka, Jagermeister, Coke and cranberry juice is one that you certainly don't want crossing your path.

7.  Witch Tits - Just two ingrediants in this concoction, unfortunately it's 2 ingredients we wouldn't personally want to mix. Bailey's Irish Cream and Sambuca. Shake it up and serve colder then a witch's tit.
6. Gates of Hell - The Gates of Hell don't scare us! Cherry brandy, tequila, lemon and lime juice? Come on Satan, you can do better then that. But beware of the brandy, that stuff has a reputation of coming back to haunt you!

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