The Next Food Network Star's Doreen Fang Coming to Hula's

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​Let's face it: The Valley is pretty TV-friendly, when it comes to food topics.

Top Chef's Stephanie Izard has become a downright regular at local culinary events over the last couple of years. TLC recently highlighted a bunch of eateries around town. The Food Network has sent Guy Fieri to eat and schmooze with Phoenix restaurant owners countless times at this point. And a year ago, the channel even did an open casting here.

Now, another visitor from TV Land is about to descend upon the city: Doreen Fang, one of the finalists from The Next Food Network Star.

Fang will be visting town this Saturday for a meet and greet at Hula's Modern Tiki, which is free and open to the public.

Want to know Fang's cooking philosophy, her take on reality TV, or simply what kind of tiki-tastic cocktail she prefers? The Angeleno will be on hand from 2 to 4 p.m., talking about what's coming up on her radar. For a $5 donation, you can get your photo taken with Fang (proceeds will benefit Waste Not).

It's a sweet preview to Hula's upcoming first anniversary party, scheduled for the 28th.

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Tony for Hula's Modern Tiki
Tony for Hula's Modern Tiki

We're stoked to host Doreen this weekend and show her all the great things happening in uptown Phoenix. The event is helping such a great cause as well: Waste Not collects excess perishable food at local restaurants and distributes the items to homeless shelters. Thanks so much for the attention in Chow Bella!

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