Taco Bell's New Chicken Flatbread Sandwich Helps to Forget Cantina Taco Nightmare

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For many of us, nightmares typically involve monsters, forgetting to wear clothes in class, and being forced to watch M. Night Shyamalan flicks. That was me, too, until recently. Now, my nightmares all involve Cantina Tacos from Taco Bell -- killer Cantina Tacos, deadly, foul-tasting Cantina Tacos, and worst of all: being forced to watch an M. Night Shyamalan flick in a theater filled with applauding Cantina Tacos.

This week, Taco Bell introduced its newest menu item, the chicken flatbread sandwich. The chain's website describes the sandwich as "warm, square-cut flatbread, filled with marinated all-white-meat chicken, and a melty three-cheese blend of cheddar, pepper jack, and mozzarella topped off with flavorful chipotle sauce and melted to perfection to seal in the flavor."

A post Cantina Taco de-traumatizer or another night of fitful sleep for Fry Girl?

Color me surprised.

It doesn't look like much when you get it, but Taco Bell's Chicken Flatbread Sandwich delivers as promised. There's a decent taste combination of the ingredients in every bite -- chicken, cheese, and a spicy sauce with a nice kick inside soft, sweet bread.

For the nutritional need-to-knows, the sandwich contains 290 calories, 15 grams of fat, and 720 mg of sodium. One won't fill you up, but that's okay, 'cause these babies are only a buck.

Is the chicken flatbread sandwich better than most Taco Bell bites? Yup. I'd order it again. A few more new menu items like this one, and I'd be willing to forgive Taco Bell for their Cantina Taco nightmare, and maybe for once I'll get a decent night's sleep.

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William Novak
William Novak

huh? The Cantina Tacos are the only thing at Taco Bell that taste decent. Sure they're not as good as authentic street tacos, but as fast food goes, theyre not bad at all. They're one of the few T'bell items that doesn't make you feel like you're going to end up in traction.

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