Now Open: That's a Wrap

After closing down at its longtime home on 7th Street, fave CenPho lunch spot That's a Wrap has just reopened in new digs, at the former Lola Tapas building on Camelback (800 E. Camelback).

Previous owner Damon Brasch sold the biz to long time staffer Erik Hansen, who now shares chef duties with GM Sia Trujillo.

Currently, they're just offering lunch service, Monday through Saturday, from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. But starting September 23, they'll be doing dinner as well, with beer and wine.

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That's a Wrap!

800 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Baby Shirley
Baby Shirley

I was there today and I thought it was great. The parking is better, the line flows better and the food is exactly the same. I didn't find the space cramped at all; it seemed made to measure. Sure it is cozy but if I wanted big I'd go to Chandler to a national chain restaurant. This is a smaller neighborhood place in an urban area with the look and feel of a NYC, LA or San Fran joint, with the right mix of old and new Phoenix. They really did a nice job of updating this building with respect to the inside and outside space. Not too ambitious, modest, comfortable and refreshing - much like their food. Looking forward to stopping for dinner soon.


I checked out the new digs this weekend. The food was great as usual. But it seemed like the space was even more cramped than the old location. Tiny tables. Tiny walking areas. Even tiny space for the employees behind the counter. Thank goodness the portions didn't get tiny as well. The overall atmosphere is nice and clean.... and cramped.


Best news ever! I love that's a wrap, and I always wished they would stay open later.

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